What we do

We can do anything you want, except maybe Tupperware parties or weddings; that’s not really our expertise. Our talent shines and our mom boasts to her friends about our work at events involving sports, music, entertainment and professional commentary. From surfboards to snowboards, rally cars to motocross, football to figure skating, reggae to rap. Just about any live sporting event or musical performance, you can think of, we can produce for you!

We are a full-service, creative and technical production company specializing in “Sport Production (Presentation) & Medal Ceremonies” for multi-sport large scale international sporting events. We provide turnkey solutions for clients that are looking to outsource, or even in-source, their sport production needs, including video production, entertainment and musical performances.

We are a team of around 1000 producers, multilingual announcers, music directors, performers, video production teams, camera crews, medal ceremony coordinators and technical crews from all over the world. Our large multi-national crew doesn’t sit in an office, building paper clip chains and drinking too much coffee in-between events. Rather, like the A-Team, they’re ready and waiting for you should you have a problem, or an event, that you need help with. We aren’t limited to a black van for transportation; we’re always ready to go anywhere in the world at a moments notice and we’re well versed in acquiring visas and trying to get that exit row seat.

If your event doesn’t have the budget or the need for the entire team, we also offer consulting services. You can use our unparalleled experience in sport and event production to help you develop your own event plans, budgets and creative concepts. We’ll even run local workshops to introduce and train staff and volunteers on sport production and create a legacy of experienced Sport Production teams in your area.

If you’re not sure we do what you need, please contact us to discuss your event and how we can help.

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